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Dr. Jeannie Ju: “I guess we’re killing it!”

Congratulations to our Practice of Excellence!

We’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. Jeannie Ju and her family dental practice near Tuscon, Arizona.


Congratulations to Dr. Ju for the massive growth in AZ! She was looking for a way to battle the pivot that WAS 2020…(as we all were).  She chose to reach out to Firegang based upon the recommendations of her coaches.  She is glad she did.

Creative Smiles is literally having patients drive 45 minutes out of their way in order to be serviced by a dentist with the BEST online reputation.  You will hear in the interview the ways that Dr. Ju’s practice is excelling.  This is from a strategic partnership and following the proven methods that Firegang has deployed in hundreds of dental practices across the USA.

Adam ~ “What would you say to other doctors who are somewhat hesitant to invest in marketing or a significant amount into marketing? I mean, based on what you've seen.”

Jeannie ~ “Well, number one, you’ve got to ask them, are you a dentist or are you a business owner first? You’ve got to be a business owner first. You have to have the mindset of that because I think if you go in dentist mode, then yeah, that's why they don't go into marketing, because you’ve got to compete against Starbucks. You’ve got to compete against your deli down the street, your restaurant down the street. How are they going to know who you are if you don't market? You're going to... Those health fairs, I'm sorry, don't work. They suck up my time on the weekend. The internet, everyone has access to their smartphones. I think you're stuck in the old times if you don't market. There's Instagram, there's Facebook and you got these kids are so good with TikTok videos. You’ve got to keep up with that. You just have to, otherwise you're considered an old fart.”

Dr. Ju’s point is that dentists have to evolve to stay relevant; the “art” of marketing changes daily.  You are a master of your craft.  You do not have the time (and probably not the interest) to research trends, analyze recorded phone calls, read metrics, etc.  Your time is valuable in the fact that you provide a needed service that enriches people’s lives – that is a gift!  You need to use the resources available to you in order to handle the systematic growth and quality control for your practice.

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Adam ~ “You've actually referred other practices to us and I want to thank you for that, but what made you comfortable enough to tell your colleagues or friends that they should engage with us and reach out to us?”

Jeannie ~ “Professional, you know what you're doing. Competent is a big deal for me. And when I spoke with (you) and worked with the people initially, the communication is really big. I need to know that someone is reading my emails, is going to get back to me promptly, and get things done. And these dentists, I'm sure they know. They have their practices. They work with different vendors. Some vendors flake and don't respond and you wonder where's your stuff? And so it's less stress to work with a company that's on point and follows through and that's how I felt about you guys.”

It is wonderful to hear this from a practice partner!  This is music to our ears.  We pride ourselves on integrity and responsiveness.  These are qualities that we also look for in partnerships.

In summation, we LOVE this quote from Dr. Ju in the interview:

“I think that's one good thing about you guys… it's not just, ‘Hey, this is our product. This is what we provide. Sign a contract.’ You guys definitely showed proof of the psychology of what a patient thinks and how to get them to the next level to not just only make that phone call, that's a big decision, to actually say yes, make the appointment and show up. And I think you guys provide a lot of helpful advice for doctors who don't go to business school how that works, because they can go to business school, but why not just work with you guys and who already did all that hard work and just condensed it down into a 10-minute presentation to help these doctors understand. Now I know why Adam says to do this because this is what science proves, and so do all these business books, this works.”

Next steps, if you would like to see your practice move to the next level:

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  • Implement the suggestions

Are you as happy with your marketing results as Dr. Ju? She is willing to refer her marketing company to her friends, show her success to everyone, and even get in front of the camera to talk about her success with Firegang! If you want to feel that same way about your marketing partner, then you can get on our calendar here: 

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