Practice Spotlight - Everlasting Smiles

Congratulations to our Practice Spotlight!

We’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. William Ma and his practice, Everlasting Smiles, Cosmetic & General Dentist, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Dr. William Ma has been practicing general dentistry for over 20 years, with a passion for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Ma is a certified Invisalign and Pinhole Surgical Technique provider, skills which have made his dental services easily marketable! Watch the full testimonial from Dr. Ma and his office manager, Venetta, in the video below.


Everlasting Smiles came on board with Firegang in the fall of 2017 after Dr. Ma received one of our marketing emails. Dr. Ma has worked with a marketing company in the past, but felt he never fully explored his marketing options. When he learned about Firegang Dental Marketing, Dr. Ma wondered how we could improve his patient base and spread the word to people in his area that his practice was available to them.

“Our marketing was outdated and old-fashioned, and I decided to give it a shot [with Firegang]...I was a little apprehensive at first...something new is always a little scary, I wasn’t sure where it would take me,” - Dr. Ma, DMD, PA

Since working with Firegang, Dr. Ma and his team have seen an overall 52% increase in their number of patients!  

“Through the course of a year and half, I feel positive, I feel happy that I took the right step! We have seen improvement, no doubt about that.” - Dr. Ma, DMD, PA

Success by the Numbers

As shown in this graph, Everlasting Smiles has seen nonstop growth since partnering with Firegang. In the first year,  Dr. Ma's number of new patients grew by 37%. So far in 2019, their number of new patients has lead to an overall 52% increase in new patients.

“It’s almost like a facelift...Thanks to the transparency in our monthly meetings, it tells us where our money is going, how it's working….working with you guys to make sure the overall program is a success. That really helps us see if there are improvements to be made and how successful we are actually being.” - Venetta, Everlasting Smiles Office Manager

The Right Type of Patients

Dr. Ma does not consider the goal of his practice to be increasing the “volume” of patients, but instead, booking the right type of new patients. Everlasting Smiles priotitizes finding and booking new patients that are seeking the treatment and services that Everlasting Smiles has to offer. 

“We are getting the kind of patients that we want, they come and seek us out for what we do, and I’m happy about that.” - Dr. Ma, DMD, PA

At Firegang, we have worked with thousands of dentists, and we agree that targeting the right type of patient will introduce lifetime patients to your dental practice, instead of a revolving door of short-term patients chasing after special offers. With the use of online ads, Firegang has helped Dr. Ma target the right type of patients they are looking for, especially when it comes to booking appointments for implants. 

Exceptional ROI

When Everlasting Smiles decided to make a change in their marketing strategy, Firegang created this Facebook ad (above), which saw major returns. We spent $674 to show this ad to potential implant leads, and while multiple consults were booked, the practice was able to close one significant case. As a result, compared to the $674 spent on the ad, we were able to generate a 4351% ROI for this practice!

Dr. Ma also mentioned that he never realized how much research new patients are doing before they book an appointment, and how much they “background check” their dentists online. “They are more patients already know me before I know them!” By using Firegang's proven strategies to increase visibility, showcase tangible differentiation, and improve authenticity, Dr. Ma and his team have made it an easy choice for new patients seeking a talented dentist.

Ranking with Reviews

Everlasting Smiles has also been investing their marketing efforts into online reviews, which has increased their number of new patients. Currently, Everlasting Smiles stands at 4.9 stars with over 200 reviews on Google, which has ranked their dental practice higher in searches. The quality of the reviews have also improved their number of new patients, most of which highlight that the overwhelming amount of positive reviews was the reason they chose Dr. Ma as their new dentist.



Venetta, especially, has seen how the increase in reviews has brought in new patients, "That's all they tell me! 'The reviews are so great with you guys and that's what brought me here,' I've found those reviews are so important."

A True Partnership: Embracing the Strategies

Everlasting Smiles has seen so much success during their time working with Firegang because they have embraced the strategies that work, including our integrated approach. Dr. Ma and his team have become true partners with Firegang: they are always engaged, dialed in, listening and implementing these proven methods. As a result, Everlasting Smiles is seeing immediate results with each change.

“Every time Firegang makes a small change, the traffic goes up and the calls go up,” says Venetta, specifically discussing changes in their online ads.

One of the most effective ways Everlasting Smiles has embraced our integrated approach can be found right at their reception desk. The front office staff has the Firegang phone scripts taped at the front desk, so they can read them when a potential new patient calls. These scripts have proven to be effective in helping the front office staff navigate difficult conversations with potential new patients. These scripts have helped convert calls about special offers, insurance coverage, and financing options, into new patients -- all without risking losing that new patient to a competitor. Since following the phone scripts, Everlasting Smiles has seen an increase in converting phone calls into new patient bookings! 

CLICK HERE to Download ALL 6 PHONE SCRIPTS in our Office Phone Guide 

The Firegang Feedback

After almost two years of partnership, we asked Dr. Ma and Venetta about their experience working with Firegang, and if they had any feedback to share.

“The [Firegang] staff is phenomenal, they go out of their way to get things done. They work with me, are patient, answer e-mails, and my concerns are addressed - they are ready to address them immediately! I’m not frustrated waiting, and I never get silenced. [Firegang] really communicates well.” - Venetta, Office Manager at Everlasting Smiles

"I would definitely recommend Firegang. It has taken me into a position where I feel very comfortable...definitely positive feedback." - Dr. Ma, DMD, PA

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