6 Dental Marketing Myths [Busted]: Myth #4

Thanks for checking out our 6-part series where we’re “busting” some of the most common dental marketing myths we’ve dealt with over the years.

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Myth #4: I can hire a marketing company and just "set it and forget it"

This 4th myth in our little series can be the most damaging to dentists. It gives dentists the false idea that hiring a marketing company is nothing more than paying a vendor.

Successful dental marketing should be treated more like a partnership in order to get optimal results.

It’s like this:  What if you had a patient sit in your chair and ask you to give them a healthy and beautiful smile, but they didn’t want to engage in any oral hygiene practices at home?

They didn’t want to brush or floss or rinse. Instead, they merely wanted to visit you twice a year; and for that, they wanted to be able to enjoy a perfect smile.

What would you say to that patient?

Those expectations are completely impossible, right? Online dental marketing is no different. A marketing company can't do everything for you, your practice has to do some of the work to get the results you want.

Worried about falling victim to a marketing scam?

There are marketing companies out there that promise everything under the sun and do nothing more than take your money and deliver lackluster results.

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Actively participating in dental marketing can seem overwhelming. In fact, some of the dentists and staff we work with felt the same way at the beginning of our partnership.

However, it's so important to Firegang that we get the results our clients need that we can't just take their money and slink away into the background.

Too many dental practices have been scammed by marketing companies in the past and dentists have been burned.

We hear this story time and time again:

  1. Dentist realizes he/she needs more new patients or that competition is increasing in their area.
  2. Dentist hires SEO company.
  3. Dentist pays SEO company thousands of dollars per month for "marketing".
  4. SEO company sends out a report every now and again to try prove they're working on dentist's account.
  5. Dentist gets frustrated with lack of results and amount of money spent.
  6. Dentist terminates contract with SEO company and is back to square one: looking for a marketing company.

If you've spent any time on our website, here on the blog, or have downloaded any of our educational resources, I hope you can see that Firegang is different. We focus on partnering with dentists to help each aspect of a practice work together along with marketing to get the results our clients depend on.


With years of experience behind us, we analyze how your front desk staff is answering the phones, and if leads are being called back quickly and with a caretaker’s approach.

We look for weaknesses in scheduling to ensure patients are keeping to their appointments.

At the same time, we build out your online presence so that prospects looking for a new dental professional in town see your listing on their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

In summary, your success is dependent upon your active engagement with us and that works both ways. Every client of ours has a Client Success Manager they can reach out to with questions or requests for data.

We're in the business of empowering dentists to attract (and keep!) new patients, not promising quick fixes and failing to deliver on big promises.

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