How to Start More 5-Figure Implant Cases Every Month

If you want to book high-quality new implant patients in today’s dental landscape, you have to abandon the cookie-cutter marketing approach that prioritizes quantity over quality. We have discovered a brand-new marketing method to qualify and procure ready-for-treatment implant patients without starting over on your marketing or overwhelming your front office staff. 

To learn how this brand new method showcases your talent, finds & books the best implant patients in your area, and creates consistent demand for implants, click here to watch Ryan Menacho's lastest Masterclass, How to Start More 5-Figure Implant Cases Every Month. Click below to learn the 3 Secrets of Implant Funnels that Ryan covers thoroughly on the Masterclass!


To watch the entire Masterclass, How to Start More 5-Figure Implant Cases Every Month, click here.

The Story of Dr. Estrella

Dr. Estrella's entire career is built on his experience using and teaching advanced implant techniques. But when it came to his implant marketing, there was nothing "advanced" about it. Losing leads and chasing low-quality patients wasn't going to cut it for him. He asked us, How can I use online marketing to bring in more implant patients? Dr. Estrella was confident he offered amazing, quality implants and great service, but when potential new patients were searching online for implants, they couldn’t tell the difference between him and any other dentist in his area. 

We discovered online educational funnels and learned that patients needed answers to their questions in order to move forward with implants. We put together an implant-specific educational funnel for Dr. Estrella and he started seeing 1-2 more 5-figure implant cases every single month. In fact, in his first 6 weeks using the Advanced Implant Funnel, Dr. Estrella generated $142,966.85 in implant revenue.

If you want to learn how Dr. Estrella generated more implant revenue so quickly, click here to watch the Masterclass.

Advanced Implant Funnel

With this brand new marketing method, you will market differently (and smarter) than anyone else in the industry. Now, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing implant marketing, we've learned that in order to choose an implant dentist, patients need answers to 3 questions before moving forward with implants, we call them The Big 3:

When a patient searches the internet for answers to those questions on implants, the Implant Funnel will…

  • Offer custom information about your practice that ANSWERS the Big 3 Implant Questions
  • Capture the patient’s information
  • Qualify the patient to rank the likelihood that they will accept & pay for treatment
  • Consistently check-in via automated follow-ups without being pushy to book an appointment

Quality AND Quantity

Traditional marketing treats all leads the same, but with the Advanced Implant Funnel, there are steps that qualify and rank patients based on the likelihood that they will accept and pay for treatment. This ensures that only the best implant patients call your front office or book an appointment, saving your staff the time and effort it takes to pursue a pile of leads looking for the diamond in the rough.

Additionally, this brand new marketing method creates demand for implants at any time of year, in any economy, even the COVID-19 closures.

This is all very advanced, in-depth marketing. But with our proprietary dashboard and software, we are able to simplify all of it.  We’ve made the Implant Funnel a turnkey solution for your practice, it’s only a matter of turning the funnel ON to start booking more 5-figure implant cases! Whether you are a general dentist, implant specialist, periodontist, and so on...this will work for you. If you already have a marketing strategy in place, this will work for you.

Advanced Implant Funnel Results

"Firegang's approach is not cookie-cutter, they are really into the details of the office itself and how to make it grow, and I think that's really important!" -Dr. Estrella

In 2019, Dr. Estrella started using the Advanced Implant Funnel, generating $142,966.85 in the first 6 weeks of running his funnel.

Do you want to start more 5-figure implant cases? Click here to watch the Implant Marketing Masterclass hosted by Ryan Menacho.


Similarly, after struggling to find the most profitable way to grow her implant services, Dr. Azita Vakili at Solana Smiles Implant Center reached out to us for help with her dental marketing.

Just 6 weeks after we turned her Implant Funnel on, Dr. Vakili saw 6x ROI with her new marketing strategy. Dr. Vakili booked “big ticket” cases, including one patient that traveled approx. 60 miles to see her, just for implants!

If Dr. Vakili was using the same implant marketing as everyone else, there would be little chance this patient would ever call a practice like Solana, but with the Implant Funnel, the patient was convinced that Solana Smiles & Implant Center the #1 implant dentist for her needs.

To learn more about the Advanced Implant Funnel, click here to learn all of the details & results straight from our Director of Sales & Marketing, Ryan Menacho.

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