Practice Growth Tips For Busy Dentists [2017-01-06]

This is our second post in this dental practice growth series. Our goal is to be able to share resources we've recently found that you'll find valuable as you grow your dental practice. We'll be sharing this information on a bi-weekly basis and hope you find it useful!

Thanks to Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, and The ADA for sharing information included in this post.


How To Attract High-Quality Patients With Facebook Ads 

Trying to attract new, quality dental patients to your practice is the #1 problem most dentists face. This article breaks down the steps to creating Facebook Ads that attract high-quality new patients for you and includes a FREE guide that goes into even more detail! Click Here To Learn More

Research Report: Business Practices For Dental Practices 

You can't effectively manage your practice if you're not very familiar with your practice's financial and marketing performance. Discover where you can start to better manage the business side of your practice. Click Here To Learn More

Human Resources For Dentists: Q&A 

No dentist wants to run into trouble due to common Human Resources and practice management mistakes. Check out this article that breaks down common questions dentists have about managing their office staff and how to do it well! Click Here To Learn More

How To Grow Your Practice Into Multiple Locations 

Is 2017 going to be the year you grow your dental practice into multiple locations? Learn from someone who has successfully done it by checking out this article, which includes a free downloadable case study. Click Here To Learn More

New HIPPA Fact Sheet For 2017 

The ADA has provided a new HIPPA fact sheet for 2017 that explains how providers are permitted to share electronic protected health information with public health agencies without obtaining an individual's written authorization. Click Here To Learn More



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