Practice Growth Tips For Busy Dentists #5

We found some great articles around the web and wanted to pass them along. We know you're busy, so this is the "best of the best".  Thanks to Dental Economics, Dentaltown and Dentistry IQ for sharing information included in this post.


Use Teeth Whitening To Grow Your Practice

Once upon a time, dentists saw new and existing patients line up for advanced whitening technology. Now, patients can get it at a mall kiosk. The good news is that whitening can still be a boost for your practice if you set up your systems correctly.

How To Turn Your Front Office Staff Into A Goldmine

Isn’t it ironic that no formal qualifications or certifications are required for a dental front office staff? For roles that will make or break your practice, the front office staff members of the dental practice are often overlooked.

Human Resources Answers For Dentists

Handling a small business and issues that come up with staff members can be daunting for some dentists. After all, you went to dental school, not business school. That's why the experts are here to help. Because no dentist wants to get in trouble due to mishandling staff issues!

Hiring, Culture, And Getting Things Done In Your Dental Practice With Ashlee Evans (Podcast)

This podcast covers a ton of ground, talking about hiring, productivity, and getting the most from your team. As well as how Ashlee is able to get a seemingly impossible amount done in her day to day life.

How To Create The Ultimate Dental Marketing Budget

Online marketing is here to stay, but how much money should you be spending on it? More importantly, how can you make sure the money you spend is actually working to attract new patients?

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